Konsho Preserves the natural beauty of stonework construction.

THE ISHINOL stone care series features permeable impregnators that never leave a film residue.
The permeable surface allows air to pass through and at the sametime creates a thick water proof layer.
This prevents the occurrence of rust, deterioration, weathering, and in general protects against other harmful elements that damege the natural beauty of stone.
Our Strength
  • 'CLEAR COAT' is the most popular for use stone protective agents which is our MAIN PRODUCTS in Japan.
  • 'ISHINOL SERIES’ of our company is trusted most from client and high performance as the reason in Japan.
  • Therefore, it is used all over the world now.
High Technique
  • The high appraisal has been received from the customer.
  • It is a leading company of the industry as the pioneer of the stone protection agents.
  • We have High technique.
  • It is possible to correspond not only stone, also the tile, the brick, and concrete, etc.
High Trust
  • We have high technique, and a lot of requests are received from customer, therefore, full trust is possessed.
  • It becomes a complaint from the customer when the stone get damaging it even if it is a very high wash effects.
  • Our company is proposing how to wash off dirt without hurting the stone.
  • The method of settlement of the stone trouble is supplied by a great deal of experience and high technique.
Variety Lineups
  • Protection : 16 kind
  • Mixture : 2 kind
  • Cleaning agent: 13 kinds (Nendol is included)

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